Muslim Food With My Husband • طعام حلال - حمص و فلافل • MUKBANG

Watch me eat Muslim Food! Today, I went with my husband to a few Muslim restaurants here in Bangkok, Thailand. We picked up Falafel, Hummus, Pita Bread, Stuffed Grape Leaves, another type of Falafel, and more! Grab some food, and let's eat Muslim food together. By the way, 1 falafel comes from "Muslim Restaurant" the other comes from "Daiyishima Muslim-Indian" Restaurant, and the hummus comes from a Lebanese muslim restaurant. Everything here is Halal and is acceptable under the Muslim Law. Unfortunately, our love isn't accepted under the Muslim Law... but we still love their food! ;) Let's eat together or you can just watch me eat. If you are Muslim and enjoy this video, please let me know and also comment which country you are from! (Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Malaysia, China, Syria, Uzbekistan, Phillippines, Somalia). There are so many countries with high Muslim population, so I'd love to know where you come from! Let's all appreciate delicious muslim food together today! :) Also, let me know if you support same-sex marriage or LGBT rights. Thanks guys, and I'll see you tomorrow for a new video. Don't forget to subscribe! Welcome to my mukbang channel, where I eat with you every single day! This is a family friendly channel, good for kids and children of all ages! Learn how to cook, enjoy food, and don't forget to say hello to Mr. Noodle! :) Each month, I publish a recipe mukbang, inspired by one of my viewers! I give this person a shoutout and promote their business/social media accounts in the video. Simply comment your favorite recipe under my videos along with your business/social media information, and check back to see if I make your favorite meal! :)• I open your letters & packages on camera! Nikocado Avocado6059 Allentown Blvd. #301Harrisburg, PA 17112(Please do not send anything perishable)••••• Snapchat: NikocadoAvocado• Orlin's Channel:• Donate with Patreon:• Donate with PayPal: [email protected]
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