How to make a PVC drop trap

You need a 45 degree elbow and a block of wood that is wider than the elbow. I think the pipe is 4 inch diameter? The block which ...

Squirrel catcher

Critter Catcher 3000 how to catch a squirrel using some PVC pipe and ingenuity.

PVC Animal Tube Trap

here is a video showing the making of a pvc tube trap, both for a spring pole snare set and as a cubby hide with use of a #110 ...

Squirrel pipetrap

More Info and Ordering here: Watch a squirrel forage ...

Homemade PVC Squirell Trap

Homemade trap. Get rid if squirrels the humane way. Take them to another neighborhood. Your neighbors will love you for it. LOL.

How to set our Pipe Trap

More Info and Ordering here: This video will ...

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