burst kit

Install and demonstartion of TBA Suppressors 3 round burst kit.

AR-15 Rifle = 3 Round Bursts

Fast semi-auto 3 round bursts from my favorite A2. You don't need any fancy muzzle brakes if you have a well balanced rifle and ...

How an AR-15 Works: Burst Fire

AR-15 Burst Fire Animation. To keep this video short, I'm only showing the 3-burst function. If you'd like to get a better ...

How 3-round burst works

This short video aims to explain how the Eugene Stoner 3-round burst mechanism works in comparison to full auto and semi auto.

Firing M4 on 3-round burst

In case anyone is wondering the difference: the M4 has a 3-round burst function while the M4A1 has a full auto function. The M4 is ...

Convert Your AR-15 to Belt-Feed

Convert your AR-15 to a belt-fed. You asked for it, you got it. Here is a quick video overview of the Ares Shrike 556 Belt-Fed ...

Colt M4 three round burst!

End of the range day fun. We decided to see how many targets we could hit under stress (from increased heart rate) with three ...

Easy AR-15 Trigger Job

Click this link to see how a full-auto M16 trigger works:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgvaXXdzD-g.

'Kürtlerin Temsilcisi AK Parti'

Vuslat TV’de yayınlanan "Medya Analiz" programda gazetecilerin sorularını yanıtlayan Sincik Belediye Başkanı Mehmet Korkut, "Halkın yüzde y


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